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Penzance is a historic town and port in Cornwall, England. It's located in the Far West of Cornwall and serves as the county’s most westerly major town.

Covering an area of approx 8 square miles (21 km²). The geography surrounding Penzance is striking with its coastlines to the south by Mount's Bay facing towards St Michael's Mount, while inland lies beautiful Cornish landscapes featuring lush farmlands and ancient stone circles. Its impressive coastline provides stunning vistas all year round but especially during stormy weather when waves crash dramatically against rocky cliffs.

The history of Penzance dates back at least 4000 years. It was granted various Royal Charters from 1512 onwards and incorporated into the borough in December 1614. As a former market town enriched by fishing wealth from Newlyn harbour next door, this place has been pivotal to cornish culture for centuries.

Culturally rich, this coastal town boasts art galleries such as Penlee House Gallery & Museum that showcases works by members of Newlyn School painters like Stanhope Forbes etc., along with charming architecture evident on Chapel Street - known for its Georgian buildings including Egyptian House; Admiral Benbow pub; Union Hotel which announced Nelson’s victory (& death) at Trafalgar war.

In terms cultural events/festivals 'Golowan', midsummer carnival celebrating old Cornish tradition is noteworthy.

Also there are places like Jubilee Pool – Britain’s largest seawater lido adds charm to it

It offers good connectivity through roads-rails-airport(few miles off).

Key point being westernmost rail terminus connecting London Paddington makes journey planning easier across UK cities/towns apart local stage-buses giving frequent services within/beyond region