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Mousehole, Cornwall is a picturesque hamlet located in southwest England. This charming village is situated on the coast of Mount's Bay in western Cornwall and lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The geographical layout of Mousehole consists mainly of narrow roads leading down to the sea, with houses spilling over the hillside towards a small circular harbor. The area boasts stunning views across Mount’s bay to St Michael’s mount.

The history of this area dates back hundreds if not thousands of years. It was once known for its pilchard fishery and still retains much charm from its maritime past.

Mousehole has much to offer from local galleries featuring Cornish art to traditional Cornish cream tea shops scattered around the harbour front.

One main attraction is 'Tom Bawcock's Eve', a festival that takes place every December celebrating Tom Bawcock who legend says went out into rough seas when no one else dared venture out thereby saving villagers from potential starvation during winter times.

Being close to nature reserves such as Marazion Marshes makes Mousehole an excellent location for birdwatching while marine wildlife like seals can be spotted regularly off shore near St Clements Isle which is just offshore from Mousehole itself

Overall, Mousehole offers an authentic slice of Cornish life surrounded by gorgeous natural beauty and filled with interesting historical narratives - making it truly unique destination worth exploring.