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Marazion is a small town in Cornwall, England and the gateway to the magnificent St. Michael's Mount. The area is steeped in history with Marazion believed to be Britain’s oldest chartered town.

Located on Cornwall's south coast, it overlooks the vast expanses of Mount's Bay. It covers an approximate area of 0.37 square miles (0.95 km²). This historical coastal beauty spot has a population approximately around 1,400 people as per latest census reports.

The most notable feature of Marazion is undoubtedly St.Michael’s Mount - a tidal island crowned by medieval church and castle associated with legends of seafaring saints and giants; accessibly by foot at low tide or otherwise via short boat trip.

Aside from its beautiful sandy beaches which are perfect for families looking for safe bathing waters, there are also marshlands that have been designated as a site of Special Scientific Interest due to rare species found here including bitterns and otters.

Marazion offers plenty for those interested in outdoor activities such as windsurfing, kite-surfing or bird-watching since it lies adjacent to RSPB reserve at Marazion Marshes - one of country’s top reserves for migratory birds especially during winter months.

As quaint as it is vibrant, this Cornish gem features narrow streets lined with art galleries showcasing local artists’ work alongside tempting cafes serving traditional cream teas & fresh seafood delicacies while hosting several cultural events throughout year including annual regatta & carnival plus ‘Feast Week’ – week-long celebration comprising parades, fireworks display etc., each summer attracting visitors far beyond immediate locality.

Enthusiasts will love exploring multitude landmarks like Godolphin House & grounds nearby–dating back over four centuries whereas nature lovers can enjoy picturesque walks along Southwest Coast Path affording stunning views across bay towards Penzance highlighting unique charm that makes this part Cornwall so special.